GDPR policy Vertice Italy Ltd

  • Basis of and scope of data storage
    • We store and process data only as agreed by the client or as required in order to perform services requested by the client. We regard all details we do store as confidential.
    • We do not engage in any profiling activities.
    • We never share data with 3rd parties (e.g. for advertising, marketing, data analysis or similar).
  • How we obtain data:
    • Data we hold will consist solely of information that you provide to us (e.g. contact details you enter on forms or correspondence), or is determined through your direct interaction with our website (e.g. your IP address).
  • Data we hold consists of:
    • Contact information:

Your name. Company name . Postal address. Country. Email addresses . Telephone number .Nin. UTR. Passport.
This is used so that we can contact you when needed (e.g. to send invoices, certificates you have requested, communicate information affecting your account or our service to you, etc.)

    • Payment information:

We do not store payment information. We use gocardless platform to collect payments and store payment information

    • Information you supply relating to works you have lodged with us (i.e. bank statements, invoices, ).
    • Enquiries we have received via email, web-form or post.
    • We may also store your financial statements or your company financial statements in our security servers ( Microsoft)
  • Retention policy:
    • We retain personal data that you supply for as long as you are a client with an active account, and for as long as we are legally required to do so (e.g. by tax and accounting regulations).
    • Where data may exist on back-ups, these are regularly changed and expired files (etc.) are securely disposed of when backup media is expired or replaced.
    • General enquiries via web-form, email or post:
      • These are generally kept for a number of years so that we can refer back to them if you send a follow up to our reply, after that they are deleted: At scheduled times throughout the year enquiries over the specified number of years old are removed.

The number of years will depend on the type of enquiry and how it was submitted:

      • Any correspondence that may potentially relate to a financial transaction, currently active registration or client account, is treated the same as as tax records (tax records are legally required to be stored for a minimum of 6 years) and deleted after 7 years.
      • All other correspondence is deleted after 2 years.

Your rights

  • Right of access and rectification
    • If you are a client and have need to check any information we hold about you, or need to correct inaccurate information, please contact our administrative department, on, or 02073288338

For security reasons we will need to ensure that you are the account holder (and may ask you to provide proof of your identity) before we can release any information.

  • Right to erasure:
    • If you decide that you no longer need our services and want the data we hold to be deleted, you may cancel your account at any time and we will remove your data once we are legally able to do so.
      (Note: for VAT invoices, and other financial records, there is a minimum retention period of 6 years specified under Paragraph 6, Schedule 11 of VAT Act 1994 and HMRC Notice 700/21 (December 2007), point 2.4. ).
    • If you are not a client, but have contacted us via email/letter, and want any emails, letters, or form submissions enquiries you have made erased please contact our administrative department, on, or 02073288338and we will be happy to arrange that.
      Please note: for security reasons you must contact us from the address you want removed and we may ask you to prove your identity (i.e. you cannot delete someone else’s data without their consent).

      If you take no action, your data will be securely disposed of automatically in due course as part of our routine maintenance activities.
  • Complaints, corrections or objections
    • If you have any questions or concerns about information we hold about you, or need to correct inaccurate information, please contact

Confidentiality policy

We operate a strict privacy policy regarding client information:

All client details, registered works or registration details are considered confidential and except where legally required, (i.e. by court order or Police investigation), will not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent.

Client details will never be passed onto other companies, mailing lists, etc.

All our personnel dealing directly with client details are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

All electronic back ups of works are encrypted, to ensure they cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel.

All documents and files containing client data that require disposal, (such as redundant or expired files) are disposed of in a secure manner, normally by shredding and/or incineration.

Web site security

We host our web sites and services using our own servers and have in-house IT specialists who manage our systems. This means that your information and files are never stored or copied by any third parties along the way.

Our website uses high security digital certificates to encrypt the communication between your browser and our servers. This ensures your privacy for any data you enter on our website forms and confidentiality of any files that you upload to us.

Secure storage of your work

When we store your work electronically, it is done in such a way to ensure that it cannot be accessed by any unauthorised person.

Files you upload are immediately obfuscated, and all back up files are encrypted. Our storage servers cannot be directly accessed from the Internet, so they cannot be targeted by hackers.

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